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My Desk top TV - watch traning videos from you desktop - free download Advanced English Grammar CD

Lets talk presents English Grammar level 2. Learning a language is easier if one is perfect with basic Grammar skills. It gives a good command over English speaking skills, with zero grammatical errors. Learn More >>

English Grammar - Self learning Basic Spoken English Course - Book and CD

This basic level English course was designed by experts at Let’s Talk specifically to meet the needs of people who struggle with English speaking skills making a frustrating experience     

Learn More >>

Advanced Spoken English Course - Book and CD Job Interview Skills Training Program - CD Basic English Grammar CD  Personality Development  Course - Training CD Business English Course - CD Accent Training program - Neutral | American | British - CD and Book Email etiquette training - CD Telephone etiquette training - CD Call Center Training Program - CD

With competing time demands from work, family and friends, adults need a more flexible option that adapts to their language and soft skill learning needs, rather than the other way around. The structure of traditional  learning is very much constrained , (who have limited classroom space and teacher availability) and publishers (who only can only publish new editions of textbooks every few years). Computer and mobile technologies remove a lot of these constraints and make it possible to deliver a flexible learning experience into the context of a learner's lifestyle. At let’s Talk -we  strive to produce the best lessons and study products available, As a result, we offer study packages to help you find the right fit for you

Self - learning products

Level 01 - English Grammar

Level 02 - English Grammar

Basic Spoken English

Basic Spoken English - Self Learning

Advanced Spoken English

Personality Development

Interview skills

Business English

Accent Training

Email Etiquettes

Telephone Etiquettes

Stress Management

Call center Training

Group Discussion for Job Interview - CD

Group Discussion techniques

This Advanced level English Program includes a 183 pages book and a Audio CD that works together to boost your conversational and listening skills. SPEAK with ease and confidence.

Learn More >>

This CD is an interactive guide in search of achievement. The important tool in the quest for success is self-confidence.We need motivation,  dedication and perseverance to compete in the race for success.
 Learn More >>

Lets Talk presents personal interview training program.The one-on-one interview would be the acid test of a candidate’s eligibility and one successfully clearing it surely would make a berth for him in the particular industry. Learn More >>

Business English is an interactive course on CD-ROM that is intended for people who have reached intermediate level in English and who wish to learn words and expressions used in business situations. Learn More >>

You know the vocabulary and the endless grammar rules, you still find it difficult to pronounce English words correctly, this struggle can make communicating with English speakers difficult  Learn More >>

Our email etiquette training course highlights on skills needed in the business world. Email is important way of conducting business  and any other related method of getting your point across.

Learn More >>

The telephone is a vital tool in the business environment. No appointment can be made without that effective first telephone call. This Program provides a stream of ideas to achieve effective results on the telephone. Learn More >>

Managing stress at work is a important component of productivity. Our stress management Program focuses on techniques that help to handle situations in a more constructive  manner.

Learn More >>

Are you aspiring to work in a Call Center but don't know what it entails?

Are you currently in a Call Center and wish to move up the ladder?  

Learn More >>

A GD is a methodology used by to gauge whether the candidate has certain personality traits.This CD covers all the skills required to be a successful orator at a group discussion test and be a winner.

Learn More >>

Stress Management training - CD

Lets talk presents English Grammar level 1. Learning a language is easier if one is perfect with basic Grammar skills. It gives a good command over English speaking skills, with zero grammatical errors. Learn More >>

English Grammar - Self learning