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Business English is an interactive course is intended for people who have already reached an intermediate level in English and who wish to learn vocabulary and expressions used in business situations.  Business English will enable you to learn useful phrases and expressions effortlessly and will allow you to get by more easily and confidently in English in business and work related situations.

The program’s interactive approach enables fast learning of phrases used in common business situations. The topics covered in the course are vocabulary, on the telephone, business meetings, business trips, careers, negotiating, transactions/buying and selling, marketing/advertising/public relations, Internet/communications, banking/finance/trading/accounting.

Below are listed some of the important components of the business English program :

Chapter 01 : Calling the office – sick
Chapter 02 : Asking for time
Chapter 03 : Asking for a raise
Chapter 04 : Canceling an appointment
Chapter 05 : Making an appointment
Chapter 06 : Marketing plan
Chapter 07 : Driving sales & closing the deal
Chapter 08 : Can I ask you a favor
Chapter 09 : Just in time strategy
Chapter 10 : Presentation skills
Chapter 11 : Missed deadline
Chapter 12 : Running late
Chapter 13 : Out of control spending
Chapter 14 : Virus
Chapter 15 : You’re fired!

This Program  develops the individual on the following:

Communication at work place |Speaking to superiors | Making business appointments | Explaining marketing strategies and much more.


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