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Sound like a Native English speaker

British Accent Course Module

Our accent program uses native English speakers and everyday language to naturally and quickly improve your pronunciation.

british accent training, accent course, uk accent, accent training mumbai, speak british accent

british accent training, accent course, uk accent, accent training mumbai, speak british accent

Speak with a clear accent just like native English speakers
Overcome the regional ‘Accent Barrier’
Improve your articulation in speech and sound more clear

What is Voice and Accent training?

Your voice not only communicates your message – It can talk a great deal about your image. You may like it or not, people prejudge you based on how you communicate; in short, your success professionally will depend on your speaking skills and accent. Our Voice and Accent training programme would focus specifically towards reducing your regional accent and help you speak as close to the native British accent.

Course Description

Even though you know the vocabulary and the endless grammar rules, you still find it difficult to pronounce English words correctly. This struggle with the English language can make communicating with native English speakers a frustrating experience for both, you and them.

You Supposedly have a regional accent, an accent that is normally expected of most non-native English speakers. You may have a good knowledge of the English language but that does not guarantee a good accent. So, what does a good accent mean? It means, an accent that is easy on all ears across the globe, an accent that is understood by all in the international community, no matter who the listener is an American, British, Australian or a Canadian or people from any other country. This Accent is called the neutral accent.

With our voice and accent training program, improving your English Accent is easy and enjoyable. Our training program helps to learn and master the most challenging characteristics, such as troublesome vowel sounds, difference in stressed and unstressed syllables and words, which make you sound like a native speaker. This training module develops you to shave off the excess regional accent from your current accent, and develop neutral accent naturally. This accent training module gives you the understanding of the American/British way of speaking, culture and diversity.

Let’s Talk Accent Training program is a highly specialised course offered to you by professional voice coaches. Our course offers accent reduction, practice in American/British phrases and conversation, and learning the rhythm of standard American/British spoken English. This course goes beyond merely teaching grammatical structures of the English language, our focus is on how you sound when you speak and how effectively you communicate with others around the world. We agree that there is nothing wrong with speaking with an accent; however, we are aware that many people would like to improve their English speaking skills by reducing their accent. Our goal is to help you gain more confidence and effectiveness in your English speaking skills by reducing the influence of your mother tongue or regional accent.

british accent training, accent course, uk accent, accent training mumbai, speak british accent

Course Module In Details

Module One: Vowel Sounds

Main Vowel sounds in English
Mouth and Jaw Exercises
Production of vowel sounds

/ɑ/ as in father
/ɘ/ as in fun
/ɔ/as in saw
/oƱ/ as in boat
/Ʊ/ as in good
/u/ as in too
/ɘr/ as in bird
/aI/ as in time
/aƱ/as in house
/ɔI/ as in boy
/i/ as in meet
/I/ as in sit
/eɪ/ as in take
/ɛ/ as in get
/ae/ as in fat

Module Two: Vowel Sounds
in details

Review of /I/ and /i/ Sounds
Review of /ɛ/ and /æ/ Sounds
Review of /ɘ/, /ɑ/, /ɔ/, and /ou/ Sounds
The Problematic o
The British /ɔ/
Review of /ɛ/, /æ/, /ɑ/, /ɔ/, /ɘ/, and /oʊ/
Review of /ʊ/ and /u/ Sounds
Comparing /u/ and /yu/
Review of the /ɘr/ Sound
Vowels Followed by the /r/ Sound

Module Three: Consonants

Forming Consonants
Voiceless and Voiced Consonants
Vowel Length and Voiced and Voiceless
Stops and Continuants

Module Four: Syllable Stress

Stressed and Reduced Vowels
Dangers of Stressing the Wrong Syllable
General Rules for Stress Placement
Two-Syllable Words
Noun and Verb Pairs
Words Ending in -tion and -ate
-ate Endings of Verbs and Nouns
More Stressed Suffixes
Rules for Prefixes
Syllable Stress Changes
Reduced Vowels for Review

Module Five: Problematic Consonants

The Various t Sounds of American English
The “Fast d” Sound
The /tʃr/ Sound: tr
The /dʒr/ Sound: dr
The /dʒ/ Sound: du and d + y
The /tʃ/ Sound: tu and t + y
Words Ending in -ed
The th Sound
The British /r/
The British /l/
Understanding /l/ Versus /r/
The /v/ Sound
Understanding /b/ Versus /v/
The /w/ Sound
Understanding /v/ Versus /w/
The /s/ and /z/ Sounds
The /ŋg/ Sound: Pronouncing ng
Consonant Clusters

Module Six: Word Stress Compound Nouns

Proper Stress with Adjectives
Phrasal Verbs
Noun Forms of Phrasal Verbs
Abbreviations and Numbers
Names of Places and People
Word Stress Within a Sentence
Lengthening the Main Vowel in Stressed Words
Which Words Should I Stress?
Content Words
Content Words in Detail: Verbs
Stress Nouns but Not Pronouns
Content Words in Detail: Adjectives
Reducing Vowels in Unstressed Words
Weak Forms
Strong Forms
Thought Groups and Focus Words
Contrastive Stress

Module Seven: Intonation

Falling Intonation

british accent training, accent course, uk accent, accent training mumbai, speak british accent

british accent training, accent course, uk accent, accent training mumbai, speak british accent

british accent training, accent course, uk accent, accent training mumbai, speak british accent

british accent training, accent course, uk accent, accent training mumbai, speak british accent

british accent training, accent course, uk accent, accent training mumbai, speak british accent

Get access to 850+ English lessons for free

The ever growing library of English lessons to learn the most difficult English grammar rules, Vocabulary & English Accent to speak English for the real world.

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Do you struggle to speak English fluently and have a strong regional accent?

Are you sick of being asked to repeat yourself by native English speakers?
Tired of people not understanding you while you pronounce English words?
Worried about Global companies not hiring you?
You find it difficult to understand native English speakers?
Embarrassed while speaking to international clients?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then we have great news for you!

You CAN change your accent and start speaking English like a British native with our voice and accent training program. We have the right training module and accent training coach to help you reduce your accent and speak like a native English speaker . Our Ultimate British Accent Training course  gives you all the exercises and methods you need for improving your English pronunciation. You enroll for the program and acquiring the accent you have always wanted within a matter of few sessions. You’ll be on your way to sounding like a British native in no time at all!

Interactive course manual with computer app for practice

Carefully designed course manual keeping in mind the struggle faced by non-native English speakers. The troublesome vowel and consonant sounds are well explained with audio demonstration to catch the right jaw and mouth movement. 

British Accent Training Course in Mumbai by Let's Talk Institute

Why You Struggle To Change Your English Accent?

Why is it so difficult to change your accent? After working with thousands of students (many of whom have lived, or live in an English speaking country) we discovered the 7 common reasons why people struggle to change their accent:

You have no one to practise learning an accent
You’re too busy working in a job or studying and have no time
You’ve never found a right course module to learn the accent
You don’t know where and how to start learning
You feel you’re too old to change your accent
You don’t know how to change your accent
You tried other accent training programs that didn’t work for you

When you enroll for our voice and accent training program, you will follow step-by-step exercises,  your accent will start to change and you’ll sound like a native British speaker – in just 2 weeks of the program.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 1.35.05 PM
Mansi Vashisth - PR Pepresentative

There was a time when people at work asked me to repeat what I spoke all the time, even though I thought I spoke good English. The expressions on their face indicated that they were trying hard to understand my English pronunciation. Also, Indian friends of mine who had really good accents said that when I spoke English it was the same like hearing Hindi!
Let’s Talk Institute’s British Accent Training program taught me the difference between confusing sounds that I could recognise my own mistakes. People also noticed changes to my speech. A British client said that I spoke really clearly and at work, colleagues said I sounded more Neutral.
This Accent course was like drinking ‘Accent Red Bull’ because I got a lot more talkative. I even joined Let’s Talk Institute’s Business English course because of feeling a lot better about my English Accent.

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