Speaking English like a native speaker with an US accent

American Accent training Module

Start Speaking CLEARER & MORE CONFIDENT English! Explore how you can speak English with an American accent (US) with our accent training course.

You may have been speaking English for years now, so why hasn’t your accent become clearer?

What is American Accent training  ( US accent training )?

The American Accent training or the US accent training is a regional accent reduction program designed to teach you everything you need to know to sound great in American English. While our English speaking programs teach you the basics of how to pronounce each sound, With this accent training program we are going to give you an in-depth understanding and usage of not only how every sound in English works, we are going to teach you stress and intonation, all of the subtle rises and falls in your pitch, how pausing while speaking works, and how all of these things change your accent and your start sounding like a native English speaker when you start using our American accent training course. Our American Accent training ( US accent training ) is a unique program that doesn’t just cover pronunciation (like how to pronounce the R or the TH), we also teach you how to use American intonation, rhythm and timing get a real native English sound.

Here are just a few of the things that you are going to learn in the American Accent Training:

  • The difference between vowel sounds ‘cat’, ‘cot’, and ‘cut’. Many people confuse them.
  • How to distinguish between the vowels sounds in hit and heat.
  • How to correctly pronounce the vowels in ‘foot’ and ‘cook’ every time.
    The one-of-a-kind American R. You’ll do it right after our training course.
  • How the Americans are saying O (and you are probably not.)
  • The TH in words like think and brother.
  • How to “Americanize” the L (and how to distinguish it from R if that is difficult for you.)
  • How to overcome trouble sounds for your specific language background.
    How spelling affects pronunciation. (Spelling is a killer when it comes to pronunciation.)
  • How to link words and sounds together so they sound smooth and natural, not stiff and choppy.
  • Which words should be stressed, which words should NOT be stressed, and why.
    Basic patterns of word intonation. Once you get this down, you can start to recognise them in everything around you.
    The absolutely, without a doubt, most common sound in English. And if you didn’t learn English from childhood, you probably aren’t saying it right!
  • How to recognize and pronounce the reduced words of English. This will make a huge difference in your speaking.
  • How to make sure you are getting your true meaning across without offending anyone.
    And much, much more!

Course Module In Details

Module One: American Vowels

Pronouncing /a/ as in father & /ae/ as in apple
Pronouncing the uh as in fun. Comparison of uh, /a/, and /ae/
Pronouncing the /iy/ as in seat, the /i/ as in sit, and the /uw/ as in blue
Pronouncing the /u/ as in cook and the /e/ as in bed
Long and Short Vowels and English Spelling
Pronouncing the /aw/ as in cow and the /oy/ as in toy.
Pronouncing the Schwa sound
The American R (Semi-Vowel)

Module Two: American Consonants

The American L and R
Pronouncing the P, B, F, and V
Pronouncing the T, D, and -ed
Pronouncing the S, Z and TH
Pronouncing the SH, ZH, CH and J
Pronouncing the K, G, M, N, and the NG
Pronouncing the H, W, and Y
Pronunciation Review

Module Three: American Word Intonation

Introduction to the world of intonation
Intonation in words and stress patterns
Linking words together
Compound nouns and descriptive phrases
Intonation in phrasal verbs, spelling and more

Module Four : US accent Intonation

Connect words and structure words
Pronouncing structure words correctly
Rhythm and timing in speech
Speeding of modals
Emphatic and contrastive sentences
Conversational tone
Compound sentences

Take a glimpse of our free Accent training videos

Access more than 100+ free Accent Training Videos covering pronunciation, vowel sounds, consonant sounds and much more. They are absolutely free!

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Want to Show the World You Have a Good Grasp of American accent?

You may have been speaking English for years now, so why hasn’t your accent become clearer? Let us answer that for you…

There are very good chances that you have never had the opportunity to learn much about English pronunciation and much less about actual American accent ( US accent).  American Accent Training ( US Accent training) is rarely a part of English training course available in the market today and If we guess it right, that many of your former English teachers didn’t even speak to you in English very much- if at all!

Another problem,  As adults, we honestly can’t hear and make out the difference between certain English sounds and word stress that are completely new to us unless someone really points them out specifically. Unless we recognise these sounds and learn how to produce them, they will never find their way into our pronunciation.

But don’t worry.  It doesn’t mean that you cannot change your pronunciation or accent.  You just need the right course module and trainer.  That’s what we do!  We show you what you are missing and how to correct the troublesome English sounds into your speech so that you reduce your accent and sound like a native American while speaking English.

Interactive course manual with computer app for practice

Carefully designed course manual keeping in mind the struggle faced by non-native English speakers. The troublesome vowel and consonant sounds are well explained with an audio demonstration to catch the right jaw and mouth movement. 

American Accent Training course manual

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 1.36.57 PM
Ashish Mehta - Financial Consultant

If you are like me and are one of those people who is extremely concerned about the way you speak English, I would highly recommend the Let’s Talk American Accent training  to you. The course module is well designed with a wealth of knowledge to help you.

One of the things that I love the most about this course is that the teachers explain things in such an easy way, like how to produce the vowel sounds by positioning your tongue in the correct place. You will also learn one of the most amazing sound in English which is the famous SCHWA. Besides, you will learn all the contractions in sentences such as ‘Whatcher name?’( What’s your name?)  and Diju ( Did you) go out last night? and how to shorten sounds in structure words and so on. There are a lot of great tips and techniques that you will be learning as you go along. All of your pronunciation concerns are going to be erased completely with this US accent training.

Thank you Let’s Talk Team – All the best and good luck.”

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