Advanced English for the real world (Level 02)


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This Advanced level English Program includes a 183 pages book and a Audio CD that works together to boost your conversational and listening skills.This program features realistic dialogues through explanation of Grammar that go beyond the basic rules. Vocabulary sections include the most commonly used idiomatic expressions. Plenty of exercises, both in the book and on the recordings, will help you improve English, become more fluent and get ahead on the job and everywhere else. Accomplish your real-life goals with this Advanced Spoken English Training Program.

MEET people and make friends.

SPEAK with ease and confidence on the telephone.

SUCCEED in job interviews

GET BY at the railway station, the Bank, The restaurant- just about everywhere!

Each of the twenty lessons will cover a topic that you are most likely to deal within your Real life – everything from Work life, Doing household chores, to shopping, Going for a party. Each Lesson is divided into 4 basic parts:

1. Dialogue 2. Words in Action Play  3. Sentence Structure  4. Listening Exercise

The topics Covered are : 20 ESL lesson Plan

Chapter 01 : Departure and Arrival
Chapter 02 : Searching Directions
Chapter 03 : Looking for an apartment
Chapter 04 : Repairing Things
Chapter 05 : Daily household chores
Chapter 06 : All about food
Chapter 07 : A Job Interview
Chapter 08 : First day in the office
Chapter 09 : A business Meeting
Chapter 10 : On the Phone
Chapter 11 : At the restaurant
Chapter 12 : At the Bank
Chapter 13 : Visiting a Clinic
Chapter 14 : At the Chemist store
Chapter 15 : In a hyper Mall
Chapter 16 : At a Party
Chapter 17 : Weekend activities
Chapter 18 : Planning a holiday.
Chapter 19 : Finance
Chapter 20 : Jurisdiction



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