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Our Email Etiquette training course highlights a skill needed in the business world. Quite some time ago, email replaced regular stamped mail as the number one method to correspond to another individual in a written format. Email is a very important method of conducting business – sales pitches, requests, responses, general correspondence, project collaboration, and any other related method of getting your point across. Therefore, using our Business Email training will impart critical abilities in knowing how to compose a very effective email, adding to your current talents. Especially when a potential client considers your business, or remaining professional in your email can make or break the intended message. Our Business Email Etiquette training courses assists everyone on any level, in writing the perfect and proper email.

Below are listed some of the important components of the Email Etiquettes program  :

Chapter 01 : The Fundamentals of E – mail.
Chapter 02 : E – mail Considerations.
Chapter 03 : E-mail Composition.
Chapter 04 : Writing E – mail Messages.
Chapter 05 : Efficient E -mailing
Chapter 06 : Using proper “Netiquette”
Chapter 07 : E- mail policies.


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