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The telephone is a vital tool in the business environment. No appointment can be made without that effective first telephone call. This Program sets out to provide a stream of ideas to improve awareness and provide the basic tools to achieve effective results on the telephone.

Lets Talk Telephone Etiquette Training program aims at helping individuals create a lasting impression in their customers’ minds one that shows the organization reflected in the best light possible. It focuses on developing telephone etiquette / telephone skills to deal with customers assertively, empathetically, with a sense of care and a positive attitude. It is also very important tool in telemarketing training.

Below are listed some of the important components of the Telephonic skills workshop :

Ways to Make a Good First Impression.
Effective Call Handling
Key Phases of an Outbound/Inbound Call
Hold Procedure
Dead Air Management
Using the Right Tone of Voice
Tips for Good Telephone Etiquette
Forbidden Phrases to Avoid
Body Language over the Telephone
Tele- conferencing skills


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