More than 30 million people from all over the world have taken the TOEFL® test

TOEFL® Test Preparation Course

Increase your confidence to give TOEFL test with a lot of practice tests and mock exams

Prove to universities abroad and global organisations you’ve got the English to succeed with a high TOEFL iBT test score.

Why choose a TOEFL iBT exam course?

  • Enhance the English skills that you’ll be tested on
  • Learn TOEFL exam tips and tricks that work
  • Increase your confidence to give TOEFL test with a lot of practice tests and mock exams
  • Learn which answers score highest in the TOEFL test
  • Become used to the North American English accent used in TOEFL

Take advantage of the face-to-face motivation and personal training plans. Get set to pass your TOEFL English exam. Contact us today to secure your enrollment.

What is TOEFL® Exam Preparation course?

TOEFL® is the most popular examination for North American English and is the most widely accepted English language test in the world. Our TOEFL® and Academic English Exam Preparation course will give you the test skills and the level of English that you need to do well on your TOEFL exam.

We specifically focus on test-taking strategies and highlight the academic English skills needed for exam success. The course includes TOEFL®-focused reading, writing, listening and speaking, plus practice exam questions and online simulation tests that mirror the real TOEFL® ibT.

You should consider taking the TOEFL if:

  • You are a student from a non-English speaking country looking to study in an English-speaking university
  • You are a student at an ESL institute looking to raise your TOEFL score to graduate or proceed to the next level of English study
  • You are an international student looking to take the TOEFL for certifications or scholarships at English-speaking universities
  • You are mostly confident with your English-speaking skills but are looking for a refresher course

By the end of the Understanding TOEFL course, you will:

  • Be familiar with all parts of the TOEFL test
  • Have some useful tips to help you achieve your TOEFL goals
  • Understand how the TOEFL test is assessed
  • Have an opportunity to have your written and spoken English assessed by other learners.
  • Taken practice tests to enhance your learning of our strategies and tactics

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What am I going to get from this course?

This TOEFL Course is organized by skill: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Each skill area has four key components:


Fact/Detail Questions
NOT/EXCEPT Questions
Vocabulary Questions
Inference Questions
Rhetorical Function Questions
Coherence Questions
Paraphrasing Questions
Drag and drop completion
Drag and drop summary


Reading and Lecture Task
Independent Expository
Persuasive Task
Frequent and serious grammar errors
Logical progression throughout essay
Wide range of sentence structure and vocabulary


Independent Description Task
Independent Persuasive Task
Reading and Conversation Integrated Task
Reading and Lecture Integrated Task
Conversation Integrated Task
Lecture Integrated Task


Main Idea Questions
Purpose Questions
Detail Questions
Speaker’s Attitude Questions
Rhetorical Function Questions
Drag ‘n Drop – Sequencing Questions
Content Relationship Questions
Inference Questions

Easy to implement TOEFL iBT course material.

Our TOEFL course book gives you the experience of taking the real TOEFL iBT test. You will be able to review and answer authentic test questions and receive scores and performance feedback on all four skills measured on the test — reading, listening, speaking and writing.

TOEFL ibt course preparation book

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Kartik Soni - Student

I was thinking about applying to college in the US so to get the TOEFL certificate is the first step. I have always loved America, I dreamed about living there for my entire life. My English improved a lot, I arrived at TOEFL with a score of 59, and now in my last simulation I got 85. English will help me to have more possibilities in all aspects like in work. If I have the opportunity to be here again I will do it. Teachers taught us many strategies; at the same time they always encourage us to give our opinions in the class. So I’m really grateful to Let’s Talk Academy in helping me to realize my American dream.

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