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Become a trained trainer in soft skills - Start you corporate training career Train the trainer material - free with Train the trainer course

Whether you are an inexperienced trainer or infuse professional, this Train - The - Trainer program will teach you how to determine the needs of an audience, improve classroom charisma. Handle hecklers, use activities effectively, and more. Our Train The Trainer course gives you access to tools, strategies and techniques orchestrated in a fashion that takes learning to a whole new level of experience. You will be introduced to a new paradigm in how training is designed and delivered, and how you can optimize your training environment to achieve outstanding learning results. This course provides ground-breaking training solutions that can be implemented in any training environment.

How do we do it?

First : Showing trainers how to get real buy-in from participants,overcome learning barriers,put  learners in a resourceful state, and set the stage for success by the power of suggestion.

Secondly: Teaching trainers how to orchestrate a dynamic training environment, choosing and sequencing activities and structuring a program so that each participant learns continuously  and effortlessly through the phases of training.

Thirdly : Showing trainers how to facilitate the transfer of information from short-term memory for permanent access back on the job.

Train The Trainer Training Module  ( t3)    55 hours

Principles of training process

ADDIE - Analysis , Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation, Qualities of a good trainer, Researching a topic & objective analysis. Demonstrating a skill & session plans Methods of Instruction

Delivery and Distribution.

Measuring trainee achievements. Motivation and attention. Games, simulations and role play. Location of training and survey. Making PDF & online forums.

Training Aids

What are training aids ?  Types of training aids. Effective use of data projectors, white boards, handouts, audio recorders. Creating dynamic visual modules.

Voice - n - Accent

Accent Neutralization, Introduction to vowels and consonant sounds .Intonation and syllable stress. Articulation and Indianism.

Trainer Effectiveness

Barriers to effective communication. Handling un-involved and over-involved learners. Dress code and Body language. Personal grooming and etiquettes. Multiculturalism in training. Out-door based training.

Soft Skills

Attitude Management. Marketing effectiveness. Managing time and stress. Negotiating  and conflict management. Speaking with ease under pressure situation. Verbal and non-verbal communication.

Mock sessions

D3 - Designing , development and Delivery. Module development on sample topics. Practice and presentation.

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